• When you support Help for Haiti, you help feed Haiti’s poor in the following manner:

    Bulk Food Packing Programs

    Help for Haiti is raising funds to support food packing programs in the United States. Special bulk food is purchased from a supplier expert in packing meals for international shipment to third world countries that contain enough protein and nourishment to sustain a malnourished child.

    We work with expert suppliers and aggregator to recruit volunteers to package specific special rice and protein supplements into hermetically sealed water proof packages weighing about 14 ounces each. These are boxed and aggregated for a container shipment by sea to Haiti.

    Help for Haiti then distributes meals securely to church schools to provide a hot lunch for children. Currently over 250 children are being fed a meal at school each school year. Our goal is to feed 500 children in school a meal each day of the school year.

    Rice, Beans and MannaPack Rice

    Rice and beans are a Caribbean staple and an important part of a Haitian’s diet. Together they are nutritious and high protein. Help for Haiti buys rice and beans in bulk at the local farmer’s market to supplement the school food program. This food is grown on farms in country and contributes to farmers and the local economy. Being an island nation with weak agricultural programs, what we buy at market is not enough. We leverage our supplies in the local market with food container shipments to ensure that we have enough.


    Our most important partner so far in providing food to school kids is Feed My Starving Children in Minnesota. They are a Christian 501(c)3 charity and help provide meals for millions of starving people around the globe. We buy bulk food from them for 22 cents per meal. We pay the cost to ship the packed food to Haiti and this cost is 12 cents per meal. FMSC help lead our Help for Haiti Food Pack events and with lots of volunteers we pack and ship 100,000 to 150,000 meals per year for school kids and orphans in north Haiti. Check my Blog and Partnerships on the Home Page to learn more about this exciting Spring event. Working with FMSC and other partners we bring great efficiencies to the ‘hand up” we deliver to Haiti. Think about it, a lunch for a hungry child for 34 cents.


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