• Haiti has an 80% unemployment rate. The earthquake literally destroyed many businesses and ruined the economy. Haitians are a strong people. Many are committed to rebuilding and creating a future for their children.

    Job Creation

    Help for Haiti realizes the need. We create jobs by hiring local tradesmen for construction projects for church school buildings. We are not in the business of brining volunteers to Haiti to do the job of local craftsman who need to feed their families. We want to employ as many as possible for viable programs. Our goal is to rebuild and restore rural schools and churches so that they may again become centers of integrity and leadership in their communities.


    We selectively provide loans to trustworthy entrepreneurs who can start businesses and provide jobs to fellow Haitians. Examples include food businesses, restaurants, street vendors, sewing co-ops, agriculture, chicken, and goat farms. We also envision starting low tech manufacturing and service enterprises in the future. Our goal is to provide a loan portfolio to create new small and medium sized businesses in the northeast region of Haiti.

    Low interest loans will not flow back to the United States, but rather will remain in Haiti to be re-loaned over and over again as the portfolio grows.  Loans from $50 to $50,000 may be available based on the need of the business plan. All repaid loans will remain in the fund for redeployment locally. Interest rates will be low – in the 2% to 3% range. A local board of volunteer administrators and experienced business people will qualify, administer, and manage loans and banking arrangements.


    Help for Haiti will fund local business plan training classes.  Graduates may receive loans from the fund if their plan passes our business success criteria. Help for Haiti can invite people to local seminars to discover high opportunity business ideas.

    Hands on computer training in Quick Books Pro and other business software may be offered. Help for Haiti may offer loans or plans for small businesses, farming, and livestock enterprises that provide a living for the owner.

    The primary criteria for inclusion are that the individual be a sincere, highly ethical person of excellent local reputation and have strong references.

    Salary Support

    We provide stipends as partial pay to teachers in rural areas in the Cap Haitian region. These teachers and school leaders are responsible for teaching children in small church run schools. The stipends help pastors, teachers and community leaders continue the important work that they’re doing and help them feed their families. Without our help, they just don’t  make ends meet.


    Building Communities

    Providing for Educators