A Place to Sit

  • “Bill and I went to Haiti with a specific goal – to build school benches after discovering they had none. We bought materials for about 30 school benches with no idea how we were going to get this accomplished in time for our flight home. While we were building, members of the community volunteered to help.

    Instead, we offered employment by paying local carpenters to get the job done, professionally. We rounded up unemployed carpenters to create classroom seating.  We bought them the requested 12” wide by 12’ long boards, and as is the custom in Haiti, they hand sawed the boards lengthwise to create two boards from one.  Just watching them, we were amazed by their frugality and ingenuity. In the 90 degree heat they worked diligently to craft 30 benches that served as a desk and place to sit.  In one week, we were able to provide seating for 180 children and jobs for their fathers.”